InSpire 2021 is a DIY event!


The DIY Event:

As we are all only too aware 2020 and now the start of 2021 has been dominated by the Covid19 pandemic which has brought heartache and loss across the globe. The UK has suffered significantly and we are all currently locked down to try and minimise infection spread, hospital admissions and ultimately deaths. Like many events across the UK we considered simply cancelling InSpireRide2021 as it is highly unlikely that an event attracting as many as up to 1000 bikers in one place would get the necessary approvals to proceed, even in May.

However, as we have told you all before the International Bomber Command Centre and Memorial, is entirely funded through donations and grant funding and receives no central government support.  Due to Covid restrictions the IBCC is closed again, as it was for the bulk of 2020. This is having a catastrophic impact on the finances! No visitors means no trade in the café, no bookings to use the meeting spaces and no trade in the shop …

InSpireRide was set up to help raise money to support the survival of this fabulous memorial and point of knowledge and reconciliation. With what is happening at the IBCC today we could not just ‘cancel’ and move on to 2022. We simply had to find a way to let InSpireRide2021 happen and make some contribution to the cash needed by the IBCC.

So – we think we have a good compromise that will preserve the InSpireRide event for future years, continue the InSpireRide community within motorcycling and also provide the opportunity to raise much needed cash for the IBCC without compromising adherence to Covid restrictions. So this is what we are going to do. The InSpireRide2021 will have two elements:

Part 1:

A Facebook ‘live’ broadcast from Lincolnshire and the IBCC

  • A small group of bikes (5 – 10) to ride from the HQ 5 Group at Vincent Hall, Grantham on Sunday 9th May 2021 carrying an RAF ensign to arrive at the IBCC in time to ‘parade’ down the central path and park up near the Spire & walls for a short formal commemoration of the losses and veterans of Bomber Command at 2pm. The ride and commemoration will be covered by a Facebook ‘live’ broadcast on the ride and at the commemoration to give you all the chance to watch the ride and the formal commemoration service on-line at the InSpireRide Facebook page.
  • The commemoration would take on similar form as to prior years, but attendance would be limited in line with prevailing Covid guidance and sent out as a ‘live’ broadcast on the InSpireRide FB page.

Part 2:

A ‘DIY’ InSpireRide community event that focuses on the many Bomber Command Memorials across the UK. This is where we hope, need, want all of you to take part and make happen all over this great country!
  • The InSpire Ride community (that’s you folks!) and bikers in general need to find their local Bomber Command related memorial or memorials and ride to those memorials in small groups or just on their own on the morning of the 9th May 2021, take a picture at the memorial, preferably with the bikes in shot, and to then post these pictures onto the InSpireRide FB page. By doing this the spirit of the InSpireRide event and the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women of Bomber Command will be commemorated across the UK.
  •  In addition to the initial plan of getting images of the bikes and memorials together, as part of the InSpire Ride event itself you may be able to help further depending on the memorial you ride to! The IBCC Memorials project also needs images at a number of certain sites to aid the creation of the database of all known national and international memorials to Bomber Command. Detailed instructions on what is required at these sites, and which sites they are, will also be available in due course.
  • As with prior years all bikers taking part will be asked to visit the IBCC ticket site and ‘donate’ their £10 a bike and in return will receive their year exclusive InSpireRide2021 sticker for their bike/luggage.
  • If you riding in a small groups of friends we need all the riders to pay their ‘£10 a bike’ for the benefit of the IBCC and get a sticker each.
  • To help you do this the IBCC will provide a geographic list of the Bomber Command Memorials known and in turn we will publish this on the InSpireRide website Online Xanax Overnight Shipping.

There will be many more details in the next couple of weeks but for now, keep the date of the 9th May 2021 in your diary for the InSpireRide2021…WE NEED ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT…and you get to ride your bike to boot! What’s not to like?


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For those who are visiting this FB page for the first time the IBCC is a multi-award winning centre and Memorial, which provides the only place in the world where all 58,000 lives lost in Bomber Command are commemorated, individually, by name.

As well as the incredible Memorial Spire and Walls of Names, the IBCC includes a fabulous and interactive visitor experience about the command and its actions in WW2, the bombing and also the less well known humanitarian efforts in the Spring of 1945 when air dropped supplies helped save huge numbers of lives across the Netherlands. It now includes the biggest single free-to-access digital resource on the Command including documents, photographs, letters, oral testimonies and records those who perished. Importantly, the centre focusses not only on those who served, but covers those who suffered as a result of the campaign and the struggle to rebuild post war, promoting reconciliation and since opening, the project has put over 6,000 children through its award-winning education programme, ensuring that the service and sacrifice of the many will always be remembered.


Help us continue to preserve the memories of an incredible generation of men and women so that we can educate and inspire the generations that follow.

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