A world-class facility to serve as a point for recognition and remembrance for Bomber Command. Ensuring that generations to come can learn of their vital role in protecting Great Britain.


They receive 70% of raised funds.

Lincolnshire Blood Bikes

Providing out-of-hours courier service transporting medical items between healthcare facilities. Their aims are to save the NHS money, save lives and promote a positive image of motorcyclists.


They receive 10% of raised funds.

RAF Benevolent Fund

The RAF’s leading welfare charity with a proud tradition of looking after its own. They are there for all serving and former members of the RAF as well as their partners and dependent children.


They receive 10% of raised funds.

Motorcycle Outreach

A charitable non-profit organisation which works to introduce healthcare delivery in remote areas of developing countries, inspired by Riders for Health and building on their practices.


They receive 10% of raised funds.