The one to blame!
Hawk eye!
Wizard behind the tech!

‘Red Leader’, the reason we’re all here; and where all this started back with ‘Dambusters Charity Motorcycle Rides’ in 2012! A Triumph Tiger owning ‘MD’ in the week, ‘Red Leader’ is a passionate advocate of this event, the Bomber Command veterans and the commemoration of their sacrifice by the IBCC and also through the InSpire Rides and the motorcycling community.

Tim passed his test on a CB500T Sidecar outfit in 1978, and has always has a strange taste in bikes, (including taking an XB9R Firebolt  Buell across America…and back for charity). He’s a Chartered Surveyor in his ‘day job’ which needs an eye for detail…(hence he’s Hon. Sec. to keep the rest of the gang in check).

Recent member of the biker community, he has been with the team since day dot. Odd choice in bikes, partial to Husqvarnas, but appreciates anything two wheeled. He’s the glue that holds all the tech together, keeping it talking to all the team. Occasionally settles disputes between the team and the tech too…

Our boots on the ground!
Our eye in the sky!
The boss!

This man joined us to help organise our first year, and has man is an integral part of our team ever since. Great link man to make things happen in and around Lincoln, he knows people !!! – Southern Ride in Coordinator – amongst other things, he is a Swiss army knife.

Flies a bit – Only just happens to sit in the left hand seats in the Lancaster & Dakota. The fly pasts are his remit and if you’re lucky, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of him wandering around the IBCC on the day, after he’s parked his aircraft.

Wannabe biker chick who runs all things IBCC and in her spare time sits on various Boards, etc. Mother of two and recently and tropically married to a flying Dutchman, all happily ensconced in the south of Lincolnshire. Loves the InSpire event and not just because of the money raised!

Love machine!
The man with the plan!
The ideas man!

Flash by name, and Flash by nature. Loves big motors. The only man in the UK still sporting a flat top haircut, inspired by Top Gun…Epic fail. This man is all things sponsorship, chasing leads and pestering people until they give in. In this A-Team he is the ‘face man’ to Biggles’ Colonel Hannibal Smith…a worrying thought!

Biker since 1975, Retired & Doddering. Got involved with InSpire following more than a few beers in Hamburg and phone call in late 2017. Married to Janet (Mitzi) lives in the North West and ensures the rest of us stay focused!

Ex Racer, Technical official and current Event sponsor/ Owner of Clarendon Motorcycles, Al thinks all machines that dont require oil to run are simply witchcraft, often missing from internet conference calls, but when present joint co-ordinates the Northern ride in as well as dealer and celebrity liaison.