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- pardon?

What is the InSpire Ride?

InSpire is a motorcycling event run by motorcyclists for motorcyclists to commemorate the huge losses in Bomber Command during WWII by converging on the UK’s newest War Memorial in Lincoln.

What is its purpose?

Its purpose is 3-fold:

1. Commemoration: To bring Motorcyclists from all walks of life and on a variety of two wheeled machines together, to commemorate the fallen members of our RAF Armed Forces who were lost from the ranks of Bomber Command during WWII. The Target Destination of the ride is the Brand New International Bomber Command Centre, (The’ IBCC’), which is a world-class facility which serves as a point for recognition, remembrance and reconciliation.

2. Bringing Riders Together & Having a good time: Let’s not underestimate the simple fun that sharing a good ride-out with fellow bikers can bring. Our Intention is to deliver a safe and engaging day at the IBCC and to enjoy the visitor attraction supplemented with a unique series of motorcycling and Flying events and stands.

3. Charity Inspired Event: The monies raised from your participation will be split between three fantastic Charities:

IBCC: Order Xanax Cheap Online

Lincolnshire Blood Bikes: Online Xanax Overnight Shipping

RAF Benevolent Fund: Xanax Brand Online

Motorcycle Outreach: Xanax Online Overnight

What will be there to do?

The IBCC is a spectacular Visitor Attraction including:

  • The Memorial Spire (the tallest War Memorial in Britain)
  • The Walls of Names (23 walls made up of 270 individual steel panels on which are engraved the names of almost 58,000 lost from Bomber Command from 14 Nations).
  • The Chadwick Centre (Interpretation Exhibition and café etc)
  • The Peace Garden

At its heart are the Memorial Spire (which gives its name to this event and the Walls of Names. The IBCC’s elevated site commands stunning views across Lincoln, with a focus on the City’s ancient Cathedral, which served as a sighting point for crews flying from Lincolnshire. For many of the men named on the accompanying walls, the Cathedral provided their last sight of Britain.Its dramatic centrepiece is a Structural steel Memorial,(the Spire) the height of a Lancaster Bombers wingspan which is now regarded as the UK’s tallest war memorial, a structure that has given its very name to this Event. The whole afternoon will culminate in a short moment of reflection of the sacrifices made by the fallen men and women of Bomber Command and the playing of the last post.

AND we are planning to bring you a great afternoon including:

  • Lancaster Bomber Flypast
  • The Last Post
  • Period Military Vehicles
  • Period Entertainment
  • Bikes of the age
  • Merchandise/Supporters stalls
  • And of Course Food and Beverage

Please like, share and follow us on our Buy Xanax Off The Internet for the very latest information on ‘what’s on’

What will it cost?

£10 per ticket, £50 Vip solo ticket and £60 VIP ticket with pillion. All funds generated from tickets sales will cover the cost of the event, all surplus funds go directly to the recipient charities without deduction. Your registration and any additional donation will secure you and any pillion a place on the Ride-In, and free access and parking to the IBCC. We will send you an InSpire sticker to be displayed on your bike to signify that you have paid. Free Guided Tours of the IBCC will be run during the afternoon at 15 minute intervals. If you wish to visit the fantastic Interactive Exhibition at the IBCC, this will be an extra cost – you will need to purchase a timed entry ticket from the IBCC on arrival.

If you can’t make it, but still want to contribute then please visit our just giving page Buy Real Xanax Bars Online

What can I do to help?

Please ‘spread the word’, join in and support us. See you in Lincoln!