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- getting your bearings

Where is it being held?

The event is held at the IBCC, international Bomber Command Memorial Centre, Lincoln:

International Bomber Command Centre,
Canwick Hill,
01522 514755

On arrival at the site you will be directed to parking locations by marshals, please obey their instructions as they are there to help!

Start locations

This event is a RIDE TO event, but this year you have two Options:

  1. Make your own way: It’s entirely up to you how to plan your own route and day, all we would ask please is that you aim to arrive by Noon.
  1. Meet at one of the ‘Official Starts’ and ride in with us…

Start Points & Group Riding Information

  • Start with a full tank of fuel
  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy and road legal
  • Bring appropriate weather protection (it’s the UK after all)
  • Breakdown recovery insurance is down to you
  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Bring a side stand puck
  • Bring your bar coded ticket from registration
  • Stick your 2020 bike sticker on your bike/helmet/panniers etc.

We have two Official Ride- In start points:

Northern Start:

Humber Bridge Car Park. North Bank Viewing Area, Ferriby Road, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 0LN.

This is a large free open car park with WC facilities and a coffee shop.
Motorcycles can cross the Humber Bridge free of charge.

Pre Ride-In Marshalls saftey briefing: 09:20
Ride-In starts from car park: 09:30
Arrive at IBCC: 11:30

A special mention to our friends of the Aire Valley Hog & Chrome Hill Chapters for kindly offering to Marshall this Northern Ride-In!

Northern Ride In
Southern Start:

Details are being revised and will be confirmed at the earliest opportunity.


Image to follow

Additional Ride-In Info:
It is up to you to arrive at the start points with ample time for a ‘comfort breaks’ ahead of the ride departure.

If you are waiting along the route to join one of the passing groups and see the ride group approaching, please get ready and join on to the back of the group as it passes you. Please do not obstruct highways, and when safe to do so, move so as to get in front of the groups back marker(s).

The road marshals will be clearly marked in high-viz jackets.

How we will run it:
The rides will not exceed legal limits, and both routes are set to arrive at the IBCC at a set time so it is also important that you safely keep up with the rider in front of you and please do NOT leave large gaps.

Where possible try to ride in a staggered formation, taking your lead road position from the rider in front. Please stay in rider order, do not over or under take the rider in front of you.

Obey the Marshall’s instructions at all times, they are there for your safety!

You must obey all traffic lights and stop signs unless directed otherwise by the Police.

If you are delayed, and lose the ride group, keep going straight ahead.

Eventually you will come across a waiting marshal as they will not leave that junction until they see the hi-viz jackets of the rear/back marshal(s).

It is advised that you memorise and/or print off your route to the IBCC, from your chosen start location. (These will be available on our InSpire website and Facebook pages once finalised).

If you are unfortunate enough to break down, then stay with your bike and a marshal/sweeper will endeavor to stop to assist you if it safe to do so. In the event that they cannot, you will be expected to make your own arrangements with your own recovery.


inSpire 2020 will take place on Sunday 30th August 2020.



Gates Open 10:30

VIP Ticket Holders to arrive by 11:30

Latest Arrival Non VIP Ticket Holders 12:00

Commemoration Ceremony 13:45

 IBCC Closes 17.00