- why not?

Why InSpire ride?

Motorbikes are for riding, so what could be better than a ride out on a Sunday in Late Spring, Remembering the fallen, and at the same time raising funds for some great Charities?

The Motorcycling part of the Organising Team behind this event (Dambusters Charity Motorcycle Ride) have been supporters of 617 Squadron (The Dambusters), for many years and have raised thousands of pounds for Charity in so doing. The development of the IBCC, and its formal opening Spring 2018 seemed to us to be a natural extension of our activities albeit on a rather larger scale, and provides a fantastic world class destination for a great day out!

Why the IBCC?

Because it’s a very special place of remembrance and contemplation, that will provide a wonderful afternoon for everyone with lots to see and do, whatever your personal reasons for taking part.

Why me?

Well put it another way, why not you?

We think the opportunity for a great days riding in Lincolnshire, and surrounding locations, through some fantastic scenery to a Brand New Memorial should be reason enough.